Architecture Studio

What WE do?


Site analysis:

A first planning is carried out to evaluate the potential views and the solar movement; then an analysis of the use or the constructive value of the plot is carried out.

Zoning and regulatory reviews:

Analysis of the different regulations that belong to the municipality where the plot is located, code analysis.

Phased development Planning:

Selection of the team of architects and possible collaborations with other professionals.

Architecture and urban planning services

Schematic design:

Once the Planning Study has been completed, the establishment of the final program of the project is carried out. Schematic design of the project with all the needed documents: plans, 3d perspective, model; visualizations in general are also developed.
Outline Specification: list describing the main materials and products of the project.

Design development:

Once the schematic design is approved, detailed sketches of the project are made, developed into a complete set of design drawings. A code review will be performed to confirm that the projects meets with the limits and requirements established by any and all the regulatory agencies. Finally, we proceed to carry out the construction license in front of the authorities.

Construction documents:

At this stage all the required technical information such as dimensions and notes will be added to the drawings. The construction details of all parts of the project will be developed in close collaboration with the engineers. In this stage, the collaborators and engineers will deliver their final technical projects to include them in the final set of drawings.

Bidding and negotiations:

The final bill of quantities will be produced in this phase for all the components of the project. A final bid package will be prepared. This package includes a complete set of the project, construction documents, bill of quantities and bid requirements.
A final package will be issued to each selected bidder. Assistance in the contract process.

Construction administration:

During the construction stage of the project, we will make scheduled site visits to observe the progress and confirm that the project is being built under the conditions determined by the Construction Documents.
At GRAS Reynés Arquitectos we work closely with the general contractor and technical architect to keep the project on schedule and efficiently resolve any unexpected issues that may arise.

Interior design


Assistance in decoration or remodelling.

Space planning:

An analysis of the available space is carried out. Patterns of circulation will be created through this space, making drawings of the different areas and the activities that will be performed in it. Finally, all the furniture, equipment and hardware will be detailed.

Surface treatment:

After the analysis of the best options according to the aesthetic concept that the client tries to achieve, the floor and wall covering is carried out.

Product selection:

There will be a market study, with the intention of selecting the best alternatives in furniture, equipment and decorative elements.

Lighting assistance:

We provide advice regarding lighting, types of luminaires, accessories, performance and temperature to achieve the desired environment.
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